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What time does the campsite open?

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11.00am on Friday 3rd June.  It closes for entry that night at 9pm.  On Saturday 4th June, the campsite re-opens for entry at 9.00am.  You must leave the campsite by 12pm on Sunday.

What time does the festival start and end?

Gates to the arena open at 1.00pm on Friday 3rd June – the music begins at 1.30pm and finishes at midnight.  On Saturday 4th June, gates open at 11.45am and the first band will be on the main stage at 12pm.  The music stops at midnight on Saturday night.

Are kids allowed? Are dogs?

Sorry guys, this is an over 18s and dog free zone.

Can I bring my own drink to the festival?

You can take plastic bottles and cans into the campsite but no bottles are allowed into the festival arena – plastic bottles must be empty.  Strictly no glass (the farm gets used after the event and broken glass is really bad for the cows and workers)

Can we bring a portable BBQ?

Yes, the wee disposable ones are fine.  Small gas stoves are fine too – just keep them well away from your tents!

Is there a bank machine?

There isn’t a bank machine at the festival, so bring enough cash with you.  We will be able to accept cards at the bars too.


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Getting here

by map

Parking is available at Bogbain Farm.  Please be aware that it’s a field and may get boggy so follow the instructions given to you when you arrive!

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by post

If you want to cover your body in stamps and come by Royal Mail:Bogbain Farm

by bus

There are no shuttle buses running on Friday 2nd May.

Saturday 3rd May

Departing Inverness – Strothers Lane (behind Bus Station opposite TK Maxx):




Departing Bogbain:

11.00pm + 11.30pm + 12.00am + 12.30am + 1.00am + 1.30am

Subject to availability, so get there early.

by taxi

If you want to arrive in relative style:
Get a taxi – call 01463 222222.  It’ll cost about a tenner.

by foot

If you’d rather walk:It’ll take about 45 mins from city centre (3 miles). You’ll deserve a pint after that.

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We are no longer accepting artist submissions. Sorry!
Please email us if you’re a journalist, blogger or photographer and want to attend!

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